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Herc cover for the Wolverine appreciation month cover. [link] Colors by: Val Staples [link] Kirby style Wolvie color

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Snikt! by Chris Bachalo.  I've been saying for years that every time Wolverine goes Snikt, there should be a splatter of blood spraying out as his claws rip through his skin, but everyone argues that he heals too quickly for that.  Baloney!!!  I'm happy to see Chris Bachalo agrees and has included some spray in this image.


by Chris Bachalo. - - I was so surprised by this when it was stated in one of the movies - never occurred to me at the time - Wolverine - X-men - Marvel

So wouldn't his teeth be metal too then? e3e DUN DUN DUNNNN XD -Will

latanieredecyberwolf: Superhero Smackdown: Wolverine by JP Valderrama - (The Fresh Doodle) DEVIANT ART