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TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA A “Trinity War” tie-in! As both the heroes and the villains continue to hunt Pandora down, she makes a crucial decision involving the Seven Deadly Sins, one that will affect the entire world…

Superheroes and words of wisdom - Martian Manhunter

Superheroes and words of wisdom

Heroic Words of Wisdom by Adam Thompson (DC Comics / Superheroes / Green Arrow / Oliver Queen)

Katana screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

Katana screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

DC Comics Starfire #6 cover - LOONEY TUNES VARIANT COVER with Pepe Le Pew

Starfire Vol 2 Cover B Variant Emanuela Lupacchino & Warner Bros Animation DC x Looney Tunes Cover - Midtown Comics

Katana by David Finch

Spinning out of BIRDS OF PREY ) and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ), Katana heads on a noble quest to restore the Outsiders to their former glory. Will she succeed, or will she be overcome by the power of her sword, the SoulTaker?

Menção Honrosa: Mike Deodato Jr.                              …

Top 10 - Melhores desenhistas de HQs em atividade!

James Buchanan Barnes (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

James Buchanan Barnes (Earth-616)

See also: Expanded History Born in James Buchanan Barnes lost both his parents early in.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (DC You) Beginning in Meredith Finch's writing is really introspective and character-wise spot-on. While David Finch's art is awesome.