alien vs predator

Aliens: Issue # 3 by Raymond Swanland. Dark Horse Comics cover art from the Aliens comic book series published in

Ken Taylor’s Aliens poster, glow-in-the-dark variant, 24″ x 36″ screenprint, edition of 30.

Two classic sci-fi movies finally get Mondo posters to celebrate the San Diego Comic-Con this week, and you can find one for both James Cameron's Aliens (by Ken Taylor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer Predator (by Ash Thorp) after the jump!


' A L I E N ' Graphite & Photoshop. By far one of my fav sci-fi movies of all time. Ridley Scott's ALIEN still inspires me as well as.

Neomorph alien vs predators

Slayer Predator fighting against hordes of aliens. This predator specializes melee attacks and uses acid-resistant armor and weapon. He also prefers using ancient weapons rather than using energy w.