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Snøhetta, David Schreyer · Swarovski Kristallwelten. Wattens, Austria

Snøhetta, David Schreyer · Swarovski Kristallwelten. Wattens, Austria

This doughnut-shaped pavilion by Scottish artist Aeneas Wilder offers visitors a view across the landscape of Limburg, Belgium, from behind a ring of wooden slats (+ slideshow).

This doughnut-shaped pavilion by Scottish artist Aeneas Wilder offers visitors a view across the landscape of Limburg, Belgium, from behind a ring of wooden slats (+ slideshow).

we are working to get more images like this.  People engaging with our exhibits, showing how they work, giving them context, etc

Lite Brite: Super-Sized

Colourful interaction for kids, creating your own designs and shapes through a simple but effective colour cup and white light shining behind Giant Lite Brite! At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Technology.

HOT - Orange you glad you came out? - by designing a playground with two pairs of cherry swings, a watermelon jungle gym, an orange see-saw, the Fruit and Scent playground in Lijeholmen, Sweden teaches kids the importance of fruit over junk food, fighting fat with fun

10 Unusual Playgrounds From Around the World

graphic concrete.jpg (736×981)

Graphic concrete - Triennale Patio Idea=when concrete is partially set lay pattern on top and the wash the rest down to rough look leaving smooth spots for design?

Museum of Moving Image (MoMI) in New York with a new expansion designed by Leeser Architecture and new identity and signage designed by karlssonwilker

The Museum of the Moving Image reopens on Saturday, January after doubling its space in an expansion by Leeser Architecture .

Duecentosessanta MQ / Simone Bossi

Duecentosessanta MQ / Simone Bossi

Image 7 of 24 from gallery of Duecentosessanta MQ / Simone Bossi. Photograph by Simone Bossi

Yokohama International Passenger Terminal


mikyoung kim

Parquet Style Levinson Plaza, Mission Park in Boston, MA by Mikyoung Kim Design - Compost Rules.