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Friendship quote: sometimes you meet a person and you just click, you're comfortable withe them and you don't have to pretend to be anyone or anyhting.

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I hope you realize how amazing you are to me. I'll try to give a comparison. I know you see how amazing you are. However amazing you think you are; you are far more amazing to me.

To my beautiful children whom I love more than anything in this world! ..... Not sure wtf all the comments are about. Especially the one that says to stay away from your children??? Who the fuck wants to go near your bugger eaters?? Also to the one that says to stay away from your husband?? What are you smoking. I don't even know your

From deep down this is what I feel for you:* I love you so much and you've blessed my life with your presence, I just hope it lasts forever

You are truly an amazing woman sweetie and have so many great attributes and you have such a great heart, I just love everything about you muah : )

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Marry the guy who...

Marry the guy who is your best friend. Marry the guy the loves God above anything else. For my beautiful one and only!

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Love Quotes: Romantic Quotes about Love

Love Quotes: Romantic Quotes about Love

It's awesome at that first moment when our eyes meet, and I see that smile on your face, and I feel it come across mine. Every single time baby. Love you Lori your my world❤️