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This is gonna be me

funny-summer-exercise-body Pixar’s The Avengers 18 May, 2012 in Art, Pictures

Feels; what are they gif demonstration. Typical age range tween/teen. Exceptions do exist.

This is what happened to me after watching the doomsday episode of doctor who an rewatching the first episode of supernatural .

Hmm, Phantom board or Les Mis board? Going with Les Mis because you have to be optimistic when you ship Enjonine and FanValjean

optimistic otp shipper aka me, trying to keep everyone nice and sane

Oh yes please!!! -shut up and take my money!

uhhh the katniss/peeta ship (technically katpee or the other alternative but everlark is nice)

Thanks, dad

Thanks, dad

I understood that reference.

This is literally the face that my sister and I will make to each other. <------ Sorry, the way they are pointing at each other reminds me of the Doctor Who anniversary when Ten and Eleven put glasses on.<<<< *imitates people in photo* YES!


You trusted me. And I failed you. Also, when I try to make a fandom reference and mess it up. A few friends know what I'm talking about. <<<<---- ALL THE TIME!