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Naruto and Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long & Naruto the Faunus

That is hilariously cute

Naru-chan by Elentori

sasori | Tumblr

Sansori is the shortest member of Akatsuki

This is terrible *she pinned while laughing*

Ahahaha Naruto and Sasuke

Their reactions are priceless

Their reactions are priceless

Billedresultat for naruto female

Female Naruto Designs (RtW) 2 by AthanatosOra

Banris by on @DeviantArt

Banri Uzumaki - Leader of Team 7

Have a drink before bed.

Chronicles of Team STRQ- part 1

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Pocket Velvet

rwby comic, Coco x Velvet, Crosshares/Chocolate Bunny

Ghost Friends

Ghost Friends

Ghost Friends <<< Breath of the Wild

fem! Naruto

I find naruto attractive even in his female avatar!

I find this too cute

naruto, sasuke, and naruko image

Neo from rwby ♡

Namikaze Minato

Naruto Uzumaki <-- I think it's Minato