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CHILEAN SPANISH CHARACTERISTICS | The main differences between the Spanish spoken in Chile and other Latin American dialects basically lie in the pronunciation, syntax and vocabulary. It is recognized for having a variety of sounds for each situation and for the conjugation of the second person singular (tú). #Chile #Spanish

The Chilean dialect or Chilean castellano has three major influences: the indigenous languages, rioplatense Spanish and that of the European immigrants of the

Chilean Words You Need to Know: Part 4

Chilean Words You Need to Know: Part 4

Award Winning Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon: Reds and Yellows Announce Autumn in Chile | Photography: Pablo Negri Edwards - Copyright ©

20 Little Changes For A Healthier Life: Drink Red Wine From Chile (It Has Much Higher Antioxidants Than French Reds)

Los Andes from ISS

Check out this awesome shot of the snow capped Chilean Andes, taken from the International Space Station!