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Gypsy Magic: Unicorn Myth and Lore ---- unicorns are wild creatures, only tameable by a virgin. Its spiralling horn is believed to have healing powers

Sharlene Lindskog Osorio (c) A Kiss from Mommy

HORSE ART by Equestrianart Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio absolutely amazing beautiful art!

magical unicorns

Unicorns, those magical mythical creatures that many have searched for but never actually found. One of our customers recommended AppDynamics to their associates and compared us to Unicorns . only real.

I believe that there were the most majestic, beautiful horses with unihorns.minus all the myths & magic. They just went extinct like dodo birds & dinosaurs

Unicorn... By Artist Unknown...

By Artist Unknown. Loved it but just all came back to me triggered all the memories to flood back

Unicorn By Robert Vavra

PEBBLES - Unicorn - Adams Uni - Found wandering - and now decided she is a blinking goat !