"'Worn out with the length of my way, I must rest me awhile on the beach, To feel the salt dash of the spray, If haply so far it may reach.  'As the white-foaming billows arise, I reflect on the days that are past, When the pride of my strength could despise The keen-driving force of the blast." (The Old Fisherman, Author: Matilda Betham)

'Old Fisherman B&W'. by Stanislav Sebek; 25 Beautiful examples of Portrait photography - AntsMagazine.

La casquette traditionnelle des marins bretons.

Fisherman Concept Vintage Souvenir Photo Old Fisherman Photography by dawnandross

A very powerful photograph… the beginning of hate in his heart

A very powerful photograph…

A Palestinian child reacts moments after coming home from school and realizing that his family house had been demolished by the municipality in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina

Khalil Gibran. Wisdom. Beauty. Light of the Heart.

Homeless man asked me what I was doing, I said taking pictures of interesting…