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Ture Ekroos Dear readers, in case you worry, Animalarium and I are still alive. Right now my life is quite hectic, but July sho.


DC Thomson Comics "Adventure Pictures" (set of 30 cards ~ 3 sub-sets of 10 issued in Divers Peril

vintagegal: “Cover Illustration for the Magazine Bold Men, March, 1961 ”

olde skool

Henry Luhrs Battling an Octopus, American Manhood pulp magazine cover, August 1953 Oil on board - Available at 2016 April 26 Illustration Art.

Lovely Illustrations Of Sexy Ladies Covered In Tattoos - DesignTAXI.com

Between tattoos and pretty girls, a sélection of beautiful illustrations by Adam Isaac Jackson.

Impresión de buzo viejo 11 x 14 náutico sobre Golf Mexico

Nautical Old Diver Print over Mexico Golf map, Vintage image scuba diving, Coastal Living, beach cottage decor

UCRONIA (s02) on Behance

This work is an illustrated Series of 10 Characters set in an hypothetical "Alternative History"Inspired by another my Series : "PK_M Collection"Made with ballpoint pen on paper and digital retouching.