Mechanical Sculptures Built from Discarded Objects by Andrea Petrachi

Mechanical Sculptures Built from Discarded Objects by Andrea Petrachi sculpture recycling


Don't have the tattoo, but the pic is cool! This was the robot that was used as inspiration for my robot tattoo! This little guy is sooo cute!


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Sally Colby Robots

Sally Colby Robots The Three Roboteers?

I LOVE THIS!!! Staplers for feet, old phone ear pieces for forearms, just A M A Z I N G  Walt front

Found-object retro robot. "Walt" by Rivamonte Robots. Maybe one of the puppets (Pete) could have a robot flavour? I like the idea of maybe using found objects to make the puppets (like Dumbshow's Pearl).

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Love this guys work. Dan Jone's steampunk Tinkerbots display at the San Diego Auto Museum's Steampunk exhibit.

ILLY Lipson Robotics

We like robots at Recyclart, and we found these very nice Lipson Robotics that are created from random old objects. ++ Lipson Robotics at Etsy

My "Love Sick" robot sculpture... Made from timer box, chair legs, wiper arms, pencil sharpener, bicycle headlamp, v8 engine rockers, hands made from vacuum cleaner latches.

"love sick" made from a vintage electrical box, table legs, bicycle head lamp…