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Soooooo SAD & NOT TRUE! I vote for the rights & equality of all human beings regardless or race, color, sexual preference or financial condition!

Not so up for the riot- but the images are good :P

Today’s tragedy in Orlando and attempted violence at LA PRIDE breaks my heart. For the families who’ve lost love ones , for the lives cut short, stolen by a hateful fool, and for the people who’s courage and voice is stolen with every act of violence.

Lol<<<taking off your binder is one of the best feelings in the world, trust me

I really want a binder and a haircut but (super) curly hair is hard to cut and pass as a guy

Punk. A culture of resistance. Against narrow minded visions.

bandanasbananas: “That’s fucking punk ”

Gender Identities

Most Common Gender Identities Explained

Poster: Spread the Struggle Against Gentrification | FireWorks

Poster: Spread the Struggle Against Gentrification

Je T'aime Elliot

Je T'aime Elliot - I love this pin.

Don't tell the guy who hates Moreos.

The Guy that Hates Moreos - the language is really bad, but this is hilarious. And let's talk about how awesome Moreos would be!

We need to be aware and sensitive to the issues these students face. We cannot turn away from these students who are bullied and struggling. Information about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) youth and their stuggles, especially in their pre-college years. -RS

Facts About LGBTQ Youth [INFOGRAPHIC].this is why we need a GSA at our school–I agree.even a GSA in a community would be nice.

- ̗̀ @lia_bby ̖́ -

ItNew post on negligentbaggage

Stonewall Riots + 5 Names To Know

Respect Your Elders - 5 names to know from the Stonewall RiotsNames To Know

Can people who have never experienced a feeling of being a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth please stop telling people who are experiencing those things that they can't experience them bc that cis person hasnt tf like "yeah im non-binary" "NO U CANNOT B NON BINARY I HAVE NE VER EXPERIENCEd THAT IN MY LI FE" "ok well i do" "NO BUT ME A CIS PERSON I HAVE NEVER SO U CANNOT GOD THESE MA DE UP GENDERS THAT I DO NOT EXPERIEN CE FUCK" -Jordan seriously- it makes me so mad…

If you think I care, that's a misconception

Seattle street art.

More queer please

The Wise Enby

The Wise Enby

Chronicles of The Punk Prophet

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