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Mammon - Greed by Kirsi Salonen | Portrait | 2D | CGSociety ^ https://de.pinterest.com/craftsmansh0693/creature-fiend-devil/
Illustration by Tyler Walpole PZO1112-PreviewMonster2.jpg (immagine JPEG, 530 × 800 pixel)
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Prince Shenjing was revealed to be a Rakshasa. A secretive Shadowmaster Head, Shenjing hunted the Order of Lilies and directed his forces to attack the party. When the party fought the devils invading Telflamm, he thought to perhaps ally with the party but the revenant Gaspar convinced him otherwise. He fell in battle against the party. (enemy NPC, reconstituting on the lower planes)
An Erinyes. One of these powerful devils led a cohort of devils against Telflamm's defenders and was killed by Bo, but Bo was also killed by the fiend.
A Chain Devil. These were the most powerful 'regular soldiers' among the host that attacked Telflamm. A single one could fight on-par with a Shadowmaster Hand, and these were responsible for killing many of Telflamm's defenders.
A Bearded Devil. These foot soldiers were not as numerous as the spined devils, but accounted for just as many causalities in the Battle for Telflamm.