John Constable - Self portrait 1806

I like this self portrait because it shows sophistication with the expression and clothing.

Comic of "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John Keats #johnkeats Click to see the whole thing, it's beautiful

Julian Peters The comic-book adaptation of the poem “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” by John Keats

Percy Bysshe Shelley — Wikipédia

Lord Byron by G H Harlow 1815 sketch made around the time of Byron's marriage to Anne Isabella Milbanke

Elizabeth Siddal, the one and only surviving photo. It's quite disappointing really compared to the lovely images Rossetti made of her. But still quite thrilling for a Pre-Raphaelite geek like me.

oorequiemoo: “ Elisabeth Siddal, 1860 Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal July 1829 – 11 February was an English artists’ model, poet and artist who was painted and drawn extensively by artists of the.

“He is smitten on the brain, -he reads and writes verses! I caught him in the act! Fools might say he was inspired; but I know it is the first and worst symptom of lunacy. All other maniacs have lucid intervals; some are curable; but the madness of poets, dogs, and musicians, is past hope. Earth possesses no remedy, science no cure.”  -Edward John Trelawny

Υπομνήματα: Edward John Trelawny Writer and adventurer