Misleading Moriarty

Misleading Moriarty << These never fail to crack me up.

Misleading Moriarty

Misleading Moriarty - I'm about to be responsible for creating a bunch of memes that no one (other than Sherlock-watchers) will understand.

Misleading Moriarty :P He is actually good at hide and seek, if you think about it. Moriarty hides (in plain sight sometimes), and only Sherlock can find him. Everyone thinks they are hiding from Moriarty, and he finds them and kills them.

Misleading Moriarty

"Misleading Moriarty will SKIIIIIIIIIN you." Lol o love both of these pictures so much x) his face in the last one is the most adorable thing!

I really love this, but Sherlock is a highly functioning sociopath<<< it's not Sherlock it's Khan (I think that's how it's spelled) from Star Trek Sherlock has longish hair and in this picture it's short so it's not Sherlock it's Khan

Sherlock is not a psychopath. He's a high functioning sociopath. <<<<<<<<<< Except that is not Sherlock, that, in fact, is Khan. He is not a high-functioning sociopath, but a pschopath of sorts.

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Why sleep when you can meme?

Who listens to music while robbing the Bank of England? << Classical music at that. I guess he's just a classy guy.