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How to make your fursuit
A helpful guide to Fursuit types
Moving jaw mask
The head pattern for fullsuit ponies, mainly for mares. Cut these out from polyethylene foam, EVA form, or something similar. The nasal bone is editable if necessary.The thickness of the foam ...
DeviantArt: More Like fox fursuit head templates by labradorpup2001
I want one
partial chest binding for cosplay when you are a female cosplaying as a male with your shirt open in the front.
Cosplay Automail Tutorial 1 by rockinrobin.deviantart.com on @deviantART
TUTORIAL- Yarn Tail. This is so cool! I would do this for a fox tail keychain instead of paying like $20 for a small tail at a store
Start to finish hooves for satyr costume1- find solid rubber wedge heels, cut them to the point right below your ankle bone2- shape screen wire over shoe, staple gun down edges3- wrap with fibergla...