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Writing prompt, answering the ringing phone and having the most amazing night of your life.

If I call you weird, you are special to me. :)

previous pinner < Jaime looked at Maggie and spoke, "You're weird." Maggie's smile faded and she looked down in slight shame, "Sorry." But then Jaime smiled at her in admiration, "no, that was a compliment.

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and then it turns out the agent knows the person or falls in love with them or something.>>> but then there is this rule that the agent should not fall in love with the person or they will be execited.

Sounds like skyrim

Because it's all her hope and hardwork into a physical thing. I seem like a shallow money loving bastard at first but I actually use her money to buy here necessities as I slowly ask her to be my sister/daughter


Won’t wake up.

and then reread it 12 times