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How Chuck Wending Edits a Novel | Chuck Wendig | editing, writing (profane and spot-on)

The poor sad widdle second draft. I'm in the midst of one of these right now, and while you see a lot of attention given to the first draft and to the overall editing process, you don't see quite s.


Writing a First Draft of a Novel: What it's Really Like - Natasha Lester Author of If I Should Lose You and What is Left Over, After

10 Ways to Never Get Published by Chuck Sambuchino

10 Ways to Never Get Published

This is a query letter example of a successful query that got young adult novelist Amanda Sun her literary agent, Melissa Jeglinski of The Knight Agency.

Essentially this is how you tell a story. XD

This definition, I like it. All children should know this definition of the three act structure.

How to write a chapter - Chuck Wendig quote on openings

Structure of a Novel - How to Write a Chapter

The structure of a novel can add to the reader's pleasure or diminish it. Learn how to structure a chapter and make individual story units strong.

I never think my writing "sucks"...but I look at it with such a critical eye that I don't like it...until I do...and back again. Good times.

4 Stages Of Writing, originally posted on Writer Unboxed. Comic by Debbie Ohi [ This is soooooo true. I'm definitely in stage Or maybe stage again.