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Loki horns / helmet tutorial

Loki horns / helmet tutorial: Ok so this would take an insanely long time to make but it's so realistic looking.

» How to make a Loki costume part 7- Chest and wrist armour KhaosKostumes.  Here we learn that cosplayers are fucking insane.

HAHA you just never know when you may need to know how to make some crazy costume stuff

Loki inspired sketch. Avengers version by Kat. Omg I must have this costume made for me.

Will upload a dress and skirt inspired by Lady Loki / Comic Loki latur. I drew up the three designs when I did the Thor one but I.

full length loki image - Google Search

Loki vambraces - Avengers movie cosplay armor by rassaku on DeviantArt Super Hero shirts, Gadgets