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Limited edition Giclee print "Merchandice"


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Character Challenge Day 32 by Brad Woodard Meet Anne the Armadillo. She is shy.

Sloth drinking coffee (this is your brain on decaf) (jokingnotjoking)

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Sloth Love

It's hard parting ways from my significant slother. But happy knowing that I have someone in this world to sloth with.

The sloth, known for its sluggishness, has carved out a clever mode of life as a kind of walking ecosystem, but its lifestyle does constrain its energy level.

The Sloth’s Busy Inner Life

I absolutely adore this website!!  Move your mouse around the edges of the trees and watch what happens!

Nora's theme is definitely owls, but I've gotta say that sloths are pretty darn cute, too!

How to draw … a sloth _ by Chris Appelhan

How to draw … a sloth

Feeling a little bit drowsy this morning? Even slightly sloth-like? Meet Chris Appelhans, who is here to teach you how to draw Sparky the beautiful sloth, very slowly of course!

Slow down and take your time.

Slow down and take your time.