Saw this today! Totally believe it! Everyone should try Zumba out! It sure has changed my work out routine for the better!

Need to get this for my room so Juliet stops trying to have me do stuff for her and Romeo when I am obviously busy.

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50 Fitness and Health Tips to Get You Pumped

this is true ~ I used to run back in the day, too old now :/ bad knees :( but I still get out there and walk real fast! And trust me I still make a good booty shake!

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Addicted to Zumba! Thanks again T for an awesome class last night :) you have style and class and give us all such a fun workout its amazing :) you makes us all so Happy we use our wings 2 fly all the way home :) our mega zumba star instructor :)

zumba quotes | Eat Clean Train Dirty: Zumba~

I go to Zumba class in the evening with some of my friends. It is an awesome way to blow off some steam and have a really fun workout. A great positive public health activity!

Even the floor sweats. little zumba things

Even the floor sweats. little zumba things - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! Cause guess what? you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

Zumba turns exercising into a dance party - improving your fitness level and cardio health - while burning off the fat! A Zumba fitness sess.