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This is one of my favorite pieces of Steampunk artwork!  - Suzeetoo.  ==Full Steam Ahead by Antonio Caparo

Full Steam Ahead by Antonio Caparo. From a series of promotional steampunk posters. Steampunk girl with jet pack flying.

Steampunk kitty- don't think my son would dare put his steampunk goggles on our cat

8 Animals That Think They're Steampunk (Plus Tips for Steampunking Your Own Pet) « Steampunk R

steampunktendencies:  Hontor

steampunktendencies: Hontor

Note: take glass or clay figurines, premade- ADD to them! steampunk cat in polymer clay

Les costumes steampunk de Alexander Schlesier  2Tout2Rien

I create Steampunk Artwork, clothing, gadgets and props for photoshoots and filming. Its my hobby and I do it in my spare-time. There is no commercial purpose

Steampunk Cat - 18 x 25 et 13x18mm ovales - feuille de Collage numérique CG-556O - pour camées, bijoux, artisanat

Steampunk Cat - Digital Collage Sheet - ovals - for Scrapbooking, Resin and Glass Pendants

[On aime] On recherche un-e stagiaire pour la régie commerciale ! - Madmoizelle @madmoiZelle

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I really like this Steampunk style, it just feels so, Tim Burton <3 and we all know I really love my Tim Burton :)

hair - end Victorian Steampunk fashion. Feminine with the layers of pearls paired with the leather bustier.

Armure de bataille de chat par schnabuble sur Etsy

tastefullyoffensive: “No cat is complete without a set of leather battle armor. [kotaku] Buy it on Etsy.