The floor!! So awesome!

Bridge Night - detail from 1953 KenFlex Vinyl Tile ad. And later on that night, drunk Twister on the carpet.

"The Kitchen of the Future" - 1940s-1960s - The Dream kitchen used to be big, big enough to swing a water ski in. To have an aquarium in the island. But as we urbanize and move into smaller spaces, the kitchen has to adapt to the time and the space available.

1960's kitchens, bathrooms & more

George Nelson Lamps: Saucer Lamp, Ball Lamp, Cigar Lamp and More ...

Goodness, what might this retro-esque housewife be thinking? Nelson bubble lamps featured in Esquire, 1997

Hotpoint appliance 1960 calendar from Todd's, 14240 E. Telephone ELgin (I'll have to take a look to see what's there now, next time I'm in the area.