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Add a room / One +

Add a room / One +

The idea is that an element of architecture (for example, a doorway, or a building edge, even a window mullion) or a distinctive landscape feature (prominent tree, existing pool, property boundary) can “generate” an imaginary line that helps connect and organize the design.

27+ Best Landscape Architecture Design For Garden, Company, Indoor and Outdoor Complete White Price

Clever way to present a pen perspective. The addition of on single colour provides enough information to express the feeling of the space. (Produced by - Ben Young Landscape Architect)

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Style Ideas- Stenciled Concrete patio - pattern styles, yep, this is the next one, now I just have to talk Ken into it.

Alternating-tread ladder stairs - Fine Homebuilding Question & Answer

71 of the Houses 2000 issue ( there’s a photograph of an alternating-tread ladder stair. Can you tell me how to lay out and build that …


De Blas House, Madrid A concrete podium on which a transparent glass box is placed covered with a light and simple structure of white-painted steel.