Puma House, tienda de calzado de Nendo en Tokyo

The interior design for the new Puma House Tokyo, located in the city’s Aoyama design district. Puma House Tokyo c

There are no words for the amazingness of architecture and design this store has, made by 3Gatti Architecture Studio.

Alter Store by 3Gatti Architecture Studio

pierre hardy shoe store opens in NYC

Pierre Hardy Store New York- Pierre Hardy Store Location NYC

Inspired by M. C. Escher’s famous experiments with perception and perspective, Roman architect Francesco Gatti has created an ALTERnative – you see what they did there? – fashion store for the usually conservative retail streets…  Continue Reading »

Offbeat fashion outlet toys with perception and perspective...

alter concept store - Designed by Francesco Gatti, the Alter concept store features a retail interior that almost seems to defy gravity. Gatti designed the retail spac.

Lucca llena02

Lucca llena shoe store with curved wire mesh display units and translucent surfaces by Ryutaro Matsuura.

Hermes exposition Milan by Philippe Nigro

The special scenography of “les Nécessaires d’Hermès”, featuring a range of furniture pieces imagined by French designer Philippe Nigro and the new Hermès collection of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers. (Circolo Filologico, Via Clerici, Milan).