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Victorian House - Beautiful house. The 4-story tower! Those rooms must be magnificent!

Palacio Idiarte Borda (Las Piedras, Uruguay), a National Historic Landmark, is a neoclassical building built in 1896 as the residence of the President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Juan Bautista Idiarte Borda Love the architecture!

Weiß jemand, wo dieses verlassene #Schloss steht?

LOOK - DANVILLE HAUNTED HOUSE! Haunted House on Millionaire's Row, Danville, Virginia - In Charles M. Sublett built this dream house for his bride Jennie. High Victorian Gothic style, it is historically significant, but nevertheless in ruins.

A beautiful victorian house in Québec

What I would have given to live and work repairing a home like this one. Instead lived in house with no bathroom. A beautiful victorian house In Québec, sadly it’s left to rot in place

Abandoned Manor House, near Paris

abandoned manor house near paris. 'Tis but a dream to go buy an old manor house in Europe, restore it and live in it till I die

Cargen House, Seat of Patrick Dudgeon, Dumfries, Scotland, UK, 1874, Original Plan. Peddie & Kinnear.

Cargen House, Seat of Patrick Dudgeon, Dumfries, Scotland, UK, 1874, Original Plan. Peddie & Kinnear

A Beautifully Detailed, Original Plan of the Cargen House, the Seat of Patrick Dudgeon near Dumfries, Scotland. From the American Architect and Building New

"abandoned farm house - someone fix this place up! It looks like it has good…

I love old houses. I would love to find one on acres and restore it completely to period. Especially one with a porch as beautiful as this!

and they never were to return...

Abandoned old farm house in Doniphan county, Kansas. Top 10 Abandoned, Amazing and Unusual Old Homes.


The Hegeler Carus Mansion in Lasalle, IL In the the original owner set up a family business publishing books intended to introduce the American public to the works of the world's great philosophers.