I like this because I love the design of each different type of insects with elements which make it interesting.

coryloftis: “Some more Wildstar. I forget how much art was made for this game. I invented that nonsense alien alphabet to.

Original concept art for Ninja Theory's DmC. Loving the sketches of Dante near the centre of the image. Plus, why didn't they go ahead with the violinist?

Weapon, Sci Fi, Magic, Shielding, Protection, Protective Layer, Plate, Escudo, Blindaje, Protección, War

Weapon & Armor Concepts: These look so cool! Whoever drew these weapons is seriously awesome!

Check out this @Behance project: "Video game character design collection" https://www.behance.net/gallery/29386097/Video-game-character-design-collection

Today video game character design collection by Zinkase will be posted. These Character designs have been made for different Bee Square videogame projects. Zinkase, Pablo Hernández is artist.