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This is a digitally rendered (in the style of watercolour) concept drawing of the UNSC Infinity from Halo The thing that I like about this piece is how the designer was able to use opacity and pressure to give a worn metal and metallic effect to the ship


artissimo: “ destiny colonyship by jesse van dijk Digital Art Masters: Volume 5 ”


sci fi science fiction armor Robot Suit Digital Illustration mech art Teruyuki and Yuka

36 Epic Looking Sci-fi Artworks

36 Epic Looking Sci-fi Artworks

Space Ship Concept Art by Paul Chadeisson Bonetech3D Conceptart Scifi Concepts

Space Ship Concept Art by Paul Chadeisson Conceptart Scifi Concepts # sci-fi vehicule

concept ships: Futuristic NAVY ships by Jaime Jasso

A couple of concept designs from Jaime's futuristic NAVY ships Series. Keywords: futuristic navy concept spaceship art design by jaime.

Here's an amazingly stunning series of original sci-fi character art by  CGHUB user NivanhChanthara, featuring some human and cyborg hybrid designs.  I know you'll like these! Click on them to enlarge! These look like they  would belong in a Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) movie.

Striking Cyborg Art

Personal work by Nivanh Chanthara. (via ArtStation - Personal work, Nivanh Chanthara)