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Ogham translator

Free tool for transliterating or transcribing Latin alphabet to Ogham font. Ogham translation, transliteration and transcriber. Useful for Ogham tatoos.


Saint Patrick’s Day spirit is beginning to pervade the land and the mind turns to all things Hibernian. Last week, Ferrebeekeeper investigated Leprechaun tattoos and, though visually interesting, …

Ogham sets  The Ogham alphabet consists of twenty letters to which a further five were added at a late stage in its development, probably later than the 8th century. The original twenty letters each consist of from one to five straight lines or notches intersecting a stem line. There is clear evidence for the magickal and divinatory use of the Ogham alphabet from the literature of medieval Ireland.   Read more: http://www.spiritofold.co.uk/divination/ogham.htm#ixzz1qpUYSnGg

Native Celtic woods corresponding Ogham staves - In stock and ready to ship - 20 woods - Pagan divination

20th century in a nutshell…

20th century in a nutshell…

Bits of history. Love love LOVE The pic of Martin & Harry . And notice how the predicted photo of what New York will look like in No twin towers

Ogham script, forearms, O'Donnell, Redding

Ogham (pronounced ‘oh-am’) is a primitive alphabet, sometimes called the Celtic Tree Alphabet


Body Language - Psychology of eye movements. Not sure if it's true but I'll be observing eyes lol