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I can't even fathom a life without you in it. It's impossible for me to imagine it, literally impossible. You are all my tomorrows

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I think it's Jesus who makes my broken pieces beautiful. But I sure do love this quote.


A thousand dreams within me softly burn. - Arthur Rimbaud, noted french poet who was homosexual and who wrote most of his extraordinary work before the age of He was the lover of the symbolist poet Paul Verlaine on and off for several years

It's a love story

Thinking does complicate things at times; Your mind goes crazy with "what if" scenarios. Just go with what feels right.

Even then....

I love you with every little bit of everything, that has ever consumed me. And I will forever love you, and forever find you in every life time and so on. Until the stars die out in the universe leaps. But even then, my love will remain.

Ill never forget that evening. My heart is urs forever.

appreciate the moment of a first kiss, it may be the last time your own your heart. -- I remember my first kiss with my husband. This quote is accurate! He still has my heart today.