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Leveled up

Brotip - 'If life just got a little bit harder, it probably means you just leveled up.

Brotips #148 - 'Call people out on their bullshit immediately. There's too much of it in the world already. It's verbal pollution.'

Brotips - 'Call people out on their bullshit immediately. It's verbal pollution.

Brotips #1410 - 'If you send nothing but one-word texts and she still replies, she's probably into you.'

brotip However if she sends nothing but one-word texts because you still reply, she's definitely not into you or she's pissed off at you.

12 things successful people do differently - more success tips at edgab.com

Successful People Quote - 12 Things Successful People Do Differently - need to remember this even I'm having a day like today.

Let them be themselves.

"A lot of parents will do anything for their kids except let them be themselves. ~ Banksy (original quote from War and Piece, says, Mothers instead of parents, but you get the jist.

A baby shark is still a f*cking shark

Edited this myself with the shark :) but yes "Don't let anyone tell you you're to young to accomplish something. A baby shark is still a fucking shark"

Make time

brotip there are 2 types of people in life: those who make the time, and those who never have the time. lose the latter.