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Turkish kepenek -wearable tent/cloak, weighs up to 12 lbs.

Turkish shepherd kepenek ORIGINAL FELT -wearable tent/cloak, weighs up to 12 lbs.

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Have a beautiful weekend everyone 💛 Sheila Hicks "Eventail" [fan] Paris. Photo by Cristobal Zañartu via

Turkish wool green vest with ornate swirling brown embroidery and soutache trim. 1800s

Inspiration for Northern Ásaterran fashion. Turkish wool green vest with ornate swirling brown embroidery and soutache trim.

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Love this it's beautiful "Proud Primitives, the Nuba People" by Oskar and Horst Luz @ National Geographic November 1966 // "In the mountains of southern Sudan some 50 groups perpetuate distinctive dialects and customs, including whole- body scarification"


Faces of Peru - Traditional peruvian bride during wedding ceremony in Sacred Valley near Cuzco

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INDIA: Theyyam, popular Hindu ritual art form of worship of North Kerala, India

Tunisian Berber woman, with tattoo and traditional jewellery (early 1900s)

Young Berber woman of Tunisia (early File:Lehnert Landrock - Ouled Naïl Tunisie

Are these the world's most painful tattoos? Ethiopian and Sudanese tribes show off their intricate raised patterns created using THORNS  Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2561949/Ethiopian-Sudanese-tribes-intricate-raised-patterns-created-using-THORNS.html#ixzz2tkU4aLCg  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Ethiopian and Sudanese tribes show off scar patterns made with THORNS

Markings Adopted by the Toposa Tribe of South Sudan / photo by Eric Lafforgue

Photos That Will Hit You Right In The Feels. Graves of a husband and wife of different religions who were not permitted to be buried together. Enjoy RUSHWORLD boards, SCULPTURE GRAVESTONE CEMETERY ART, WEIRD WILD WONDERFUL and UNPREDICTABLE WOMEN HAUTE COUTURE. Follow RUSHWORLD! We're on the hunt for everything you'll love!

Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. Roermond, NL, 1888 Kind of pathetic and sweet. They should have purchased grave lots at a municipal cemetery.


Javanese woman, The Javanese are an ethnic group native to the Indonesian island of Java.