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Africa | Wodaabe men participating in the Yaake dance during the Gerewol Festival.  Niger | ©Marti Brown

Wodaabe men participating in the Yaake dance during the Gerewol Festival ~ Niger, Africa ©Marti Brown

// Portrait of a Peul/Fulani man in Mopti, Mali | © Jean-Louis Potier

Peul/Fulani man in Mali. (My Mother's DNA traces to the Fulani and Hausa of Northern Nigeria) . this could be my cousin!

Tumblr -qalbesaleem:     Mongolian woman in t by Traditional Clothing of our World on Flickr.

Mongolian woman in traditional clothes. Just love those patterns! Those collars & buttons style is bright evidences for affectiness between cultures of China and Mongolia.

Tibetans who makes Tibet ,Tibetan by reurinkjan, via Flickr

*The Tibetan nomads are found in all three of the traditional regions of Tibet, Amdo, Kham and U-Tsang.

Brokpa Girl from Ladakh

The Brokpa people are a small ethnic group inhabiting Ladakh, India. Most are Buddhist, however they celebrate many unique traditions based around nature and rituals. The reason they wear decorative flowers on their heads is to please the gods.

abretumente: Abretumente Click here ❂...                                                                                                                                                     Mais

This photograph was taken at the Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur, India. The woman is performing a traditional dance [folk dance] common to the Rajasthani region of India.

Una mirada dice más que mil palabras...y la vez todo...

Vietnamese girl in ao dai and a nón lá (leaf hat). This ensemble is associated with the central city of Huế, Vietnam.

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Women of the African Ark - Rashaida woman dancing, Eritrea. Photography by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

Jimmy Nelson, 31 MAORI TRIBE (New Zealand) - what an amazing face!

Mindblowing Photographs Of The World’s Most Fascinating Indigenous Tribes

Before They Pass Away is a powerful documentary series by photographer Jimmy Nelson featuring dozens of cultures around the world whose people live in seclusion and are at risk of fading away. This is a Maori woman in New Zealand.