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Most of these are scarily true. It also helped me understand a little more about myself.

Finally something that makes me to really wish someone know that about me in real life and understand me or maybe hug me... But no-one gonna do this for me

A smile may hide those thousand feelings from others. Yet my heart still bleeds inside. I could die tomorrow and people would say, "Oh. She was smiling. She at least died happy." And the truth, will die with me. This is the truth.

I tend to shut down really quick. If I really do share my feelings with you, it means you're someone special to me. So please be quick to catch on.

You gotta be able to catch an Aquarius in the moment when they share their feelings, because if you don't it's gone in a split second.

Me to a T.

I will literally have to excuse myself because my throats hurts so much from wanting to say something to get a person who is being cruel to stop, but will get me in trouble by and adult.

#Aquarius use the silent treatment because they know when they're mad, they can say very, very, mean, ruthless things.

It's a form of self-restraint, actually. If we are deathly quiet. Please for the Love of all that is Holy, do not PESTER