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Zoe Deschanel, braid and loose curls

ZOOEY DESCHANEL To give blunt bangs a softer appearance, start curling and twisting: loose waves and a face-framing braid can work wonders, as It Girl Deschanel demonstrates.

Bête et méchante… On je joue pas avec des allumettes...

Loved this quote from the movie! and then later. Gru: [Explaining why the girls can't find their book "Three Little Kittens"] That book was accidentally destroyed maliciously.

Zooey Deschanel

Etsy Spotlight: Roaring Kids - Disney American Girl outfit

new girl zooey deschanel - Buscar con Google

new girl zooey deschanel - Buscar con Google

zooey deschanel image

zooey deschanel image

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The story of E, heir to the British throne, who really just wants to be a doctor.

Dame Maggie Smith est une actrice britannique née le 28 décembre 1934 à Ilford. Considérée comme l'une des plus grandes actrices britanniques du XXᵉ siècle en raison de la variété de ses rôles et de la longévité de sa carrière

Young Dame Maggie Smith (professor Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter or also known as cousin or aunt Violet in Downton Abbey)