What the freak is that?!

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Seeing things nobody can see. Hearing things nobody can hear. See a living hell mixed in with everyones reality.


I have two favorite holidays Halloween and Christmas. I love Halloween because of candy and Christmas because of Santa.


Think you're brave and undaunted by scary movies and stories? We don't believe you and we've found some extremely scary Gifs online that'll scare

PHANAI - to speak

The "creepy girl figures" always creep me out. Wow that is really creepy because she doesn't have a body! <<is this the girl from the Grudge?

holy sh!t

Bed Fears by IllustratedEye **how i felt as a child every night when i went to bed**

Murrle Bennett & Co., Jugendstil brooch, ca. 1900. Silver, enamel, chalcedony, pearls.

This is not contemporary - image from a gallery of vintage and/or antique objects. MURRLE BENNETT & Co Jugendstil Brooch Silver Enamel Chalcedony Pearl