Concealed Carry Hip Hugger Holster for Women by CanCanConcealment, $54.00   AWWW YEAH! @Tori Sdao Lumbatis

Concealed Carry Hip Hugger Holster for Women by Can Can Concealment. Yep, going on my "Fashion" board.

Pink Bullets HSOMFG......look at the points on them...aaayaaah! Lisa Rogers....Thank you from my heart truly! Now I must faint....(((THUD)))

I've tipped my ammo for home defense in Hot Pink! I want them to know that they were shot by a girl and with a pink bullet too!

Who wants a pink gun when you can have Tiffany blue??

Home page Kilo Guns Tiffany blue gun.and everyone joked I would get a pink gun, but this tiffany blue gun I sooooo would! its my fav color! :) All The Things I Love.,Don't be scared be prepared,Gimme Gimme Gimme,I

NRA   I wouldn't put the guns in there but its a great place for all the reloading supplies.

Hidden in plain sight Just add a lock to keep the kiddies out. Recycle your old refrigerator or freezer. Personally, I like a nice gun cabinet but this is a good idea!

Now this is the gun for me!!

Inspiring image floral, flowers, green, pink, weapon - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Hello Kitty Pump Action Short Barrel Shotgun. Glitter shotgun shells sold separately.

Hello Kitty Pump Action Short Barrel Shotgun

My daughter would love this!Getting shot with a Pink Hello KItty shotgun will hurt anyones pride!

Pink Gun. I like it but I want it in a 19 not a 23

DuraCoat the gun! I love this idea because of all pink guns are and i want at least a - didn't write the post but agree whole-heartedly. I could get behind this pink gun

H-141 Prison Pink with H-217 Bright Purple

Pink Kryptek - I'm not a fan of pink guns, but for this one, I might change my mind.

Why would a women need a dozen roses when she could have a dozen arrows instead!

who needs a dozen roses when you can get a dozen arrows ♥ Cute idea even for a birthday girl (at 11 yrs.

Existe cada coisa hoje em dia q eu nem me surprendo mais, só que pqp eu n pensava q um simples chaveiro inofencivo podia virar uma arma de alto defesa

Self Defense Kitty Key Chains . These cute kitty key chains are not toys, but are a very serious defense weapon. The technology has gotten better and they are now made of an ultra-tough plastic material that is very hard to break.