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Crying  go Aden

Crying go Aden.whhyyy my poor heart. I love Clexa.



The 100 kids, in the beginning vs. now, how much has changed. Saw this AS the lyrics were sung on the song I was listening to in the background

They were kids that I once knew, now they're all dead hearts to you - The 100


Normally don't ship things like this but I mean I just can't help it.

Clarke is the only one who calls Lexa by name || Clarke Griffin and Commander Lexa || The 100 || Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam Carey || Clexa

Clarke is the only one who calls Lexa by name. Also I really want to see the time that Kane was stuck in Polis with Lexa, I feel like Kane is a huge part of the reason that Lexa didn't just kill all of SkiKru before she met Clarke