"How not to spoil a movie, by Sebastian Stan." :D

"How Not to Spoil a Movie" by Sebastian Stan (Captain America - The Winter Soldier Premiere) :D

Fan favorite

xD I pinned this because my friend LOVES Loki. <<< I pinned this because I LOVE Loki

OMR, that is awful. Lmao. I would love to test the theory, but misquoting Shakespeare really irritates me, as well.

I'm guessing he would whip around way faster than any human can imagine with those extremely long legs, turn to glare at you, and then go off on you in Shakespeare quotes.<<<<< hahahahahaha yes!

Tom Hiddlestin

Well mark me down as scared and horny.' it's funny because it's Loki.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston War Horse interview---Loved the movie.this is just hilarious! Ah, horses.

Throwback to when Tom Hiddleston reported the weather as Loki....

Tom took over the forecast as Loki, the character he plays in the Marvel films. Tom Hiddleston Reported The Local Weather As Loki And It Was Perfect

I also love Tom's smile like he's totally intending to see what's underneath the studio now. Your Loki is showing. <<< Tom looks like he WANTS to know what's under the studio!

Mom! Loki took Mjolnir and he says he'll give it back when he's king! <--- This. Lol

I'm starting to think he's cooler than RDJ

Tom doing an impression of a velociraptor. This gets better every time I watch this...

Tom doing an impression of a velociraptor. This gets better every time I watch this. It's a velociraptom! Everybody kneel!


I'll stop pinning Tom Hiddleston today. WAIT a pin of Tom that I haven't seen before! *pin* WHY YOU Tom Hiddleston, Why!