Lol Bible humor.

Must of sucked, man.>> I'd imagine him more running towards their dad wanting to ring his neck.

What A Great Sister

I'm totally going to do this at all four of my younger siblings graduations

Bible Bending. I guess Jesus would be the Avatar, which is very fitting.

before Avatar: The Last Airbender there was God and his men I can die happy know. Possibly never unsee, but definitely happy. Who knew someone would make a Avatar/Bible Crossover? :D um Jesus is the avatar

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When people don't understand the difference between urethra, vagina, or clitoris. Then have no clue what a uterus is

17 Completely Idiotic Assumptions About The Female Body


#MemeHistory takes over the Internet explaining the Bible

It wasn’t too long ago when the hashtag flooded our timelines with real-life reactions to some of the most common historical events told in the Bible. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here that were too hilarious to forget!

18 people having a worse day than you

The most awesome images on the Internet

Life is hard.For those days you need a reminder that it could be worse. The wine bottle happened to me!

yep, this was me at my first meeting. Blue jeans, no bra and T-shirt. I think I had sense enought to wear shoes. ~ bu

Idk If I should pin this to my duck dynasty board or not.haha Si KILLS me!

#repost from @Godissufficientmemes because I might meet him tonight (if I can get off work early enough). -@gmx0 #BaptistMemes

I actually think I'd make an excellent youth group pastor if only because I'm the goofiest Jesus freak alive.

God is working on all of us at all times, and sometimes that truth is most evident. Laugh with us if this has ever totally been you!                 

17 Hilarious Signs That God Is Still Working on You

Ik this is supposed to be a "baptistmeme" but it works for LDS too!

Pastors kid - What people think I do, What I really do

Childhood PK memories: serving as a usher, greeter , choir member, Sunday school teacher , parking attendant all in the same day! Thank God for my daddy current ministry staff!