Do what you love and thank the people who helped get you there along the way.

Are you living your dream? photography black and white quote city people sad street dream text b

Before I die, I hope I get to go home to my own planet. Because this can't be earth! I still have hope.

« Avant de mourir / Before I die », écrivez le dans la rue.

Its illegal because if it wasn't police wouldn't be allowed to enter your house to stop you

Banksy : Suicide is illegal because it is a crime to destroy government property

Stencil art Berlino Blek Le Cat

Platoon Berlin by URBAN ARTefakte.This artist interested me and I enjoy how ironic it is.

"How do we change the world?   One single [A]ct of [R]andom [K]indness at a time." -Evan Almighty

Banksy "No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted." The brilliance of true kindness is it never has a point of view or agenda - it's part of being.

Banksy, el artista vendido que se corrompió

Banksy, el artista vendido que se corrompió

I hate mondays. Bansky

Banksy - Mondays banksy canvas art, - canvas photo, canvas prints and perspex printing

Arte di Banksy - Banksy è forse lo street artist più famoso del mondo. Nato a Bristol, in Gran Bretagna, negli anni Settanta, attualmente è impegnato a New York nel progetto intitolato Better Out Than In.

Spray Paint Street Art - Here are best street art designs that created by street artist using only cans of spray paint. Show your love to paint art by

Banksy in NOLA

Once beautiful Banski art, defaced by the Gray Ghost of New Orleans. I hate the Gray Ghost.