Street art  by David Zinn

Street Treats

He works on the street in Ann Arbor Michigan. He should illustrate children’s books as the man (David Zinn) is amazing. David Zinn is an artist from Michigan. He runs around all day in the st…

David Zinn, 2015. 'Paint test on micro-sidewalk, confusing Sluggo in the middle of his midwinter nap.'

David Zinn: Sluggo awoke to unaccustomed surroundings, and feeling recently brushed.

simple chalk art outside that deals with telling a story.  books, pens, little creatures, notebok paper, etc.  just doodling out front of the church

Though they usually escape blame, a surprising number of cracked sidewalks are caused by rowdents. Coffee House Creamery, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (September - street art by David Zinn

David Zinn  (2013) - Still Sweet!

David Zinn - Still Sweet! - - - - - - - MM sez: So love David's whimsical art! So likeable, sweet and charming!

Awesome chalk art

Awesome chalk art

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