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Quote: "Everyone smiles in the same language"  #quote

Everyone Smiles in the same language (George Carlin quote Art by sunnychampagne)

explains perfectly how you feel when you wake up with someone you love

You are like a fresh cup of warm coffee first thing in the morning. I am tired, weary with the burden of long-closed eyes and slumber and the prior day's exhaustion. But if my day begins with you, I know no task can challenge me.


Heather In your arms my dreams come true.in your arms I feel at ease.in your arms my world is calm.in your arms I feel home.in your arms is where I know I belong.

Falling into you.

I miss you so much it hurts. your sweet words, your beautiful smile, your warm embrace, your passionate kisses.I miss your goodnight kiss and our beautiful mornings. I love you more everyday and I can't stand not being with you.

you are my happy

You are my happy. You are the reason behind my smile on my face; I love you my husband and family.

Coffee -create- sleep

Happy {Back to Basics} Weekend

I just want to drink coffee, and create stuff, and sleep. - sounds like the perfect life!

He is my soul mate! And I will never give up!

"Soul mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you." It's unfortunate that my soul mate and I aren't together right now but soon my love!