J'aime l'idee du long manteau a babiole le chapeau est pas mal aussi So, I run a fantasy game . but I've gotta use a guy who sells "found" weapons and such on a street corner out of his trench coat.

Nain pilote de drones

Shadowrun Hacker Dwarf Víctor Manuel Leza I love his drones

18238495_10209304320267495_369493638929210651_o.jpg (JPEG Image, 788 × 960 pixels) - Scaled (96%)

Goblin inspired by John Wick 2 by Nick Acuna on ArtStation.

Shadowrun - Patient Confidentiality by surfeit

Done in 2015 for Shadowrun: Chrome Flesh.

Hardcore by Marc Silvestri

I'm gonna have to check this comic out. a comic about assassins that can shift into other people's bodies written by Kirkman (Walking Dead & Invincible). I'm sold, plus check out that art!

Joe Shawcross

Freelancer accessing the net, cyberpunk inspiration From Shadowrun, art by Joe Shawcross

Атипичный геймер | Игры, арт, косплей, юмор

Атипичный геймер | Игры, арт, косплей, юмор

Cyberzombie from Shadowrun - Chrome Flesh

Cyberzombie from Shadowrun - Chrome Flesh Les reste du Cpt de l'unité Dechet?

Caliban the Orc - Shark Totem Shaman by KsiazeKrzysztof on DeviantArt

Caliban the Orc - Shark Totem Shaman

Cyberpunk Art | Киберпанк

Cyberpunk Art | Киберпанк

Dark Souls 2 by on @DeviantArt

Here is a rendering of the Dark Souls 2 Warrior Knight. Will get back to it later but most definately finishing it !

missão: ajude o senhor com sua maldição

ArtStation - The Garaboncias, Marton Adam Marton:

Noam Adaar by on @deviantART

I've designed a new Inquisitor (third playthrough one) . and I've fallen in love with him Noam Adaar, qunari mage badass I'm extremely disappointed by.

Gyazo - [INFO] -- DATAPAD --

Gyazo - [INFO] -- DATAPAD --

151111 G by on @DeviantArt

Sense or Sensuality — Illustration by exellero ·

enrychan: The Arishok is one of my favourite characters of Dragon Age II so obviously Bioware made me kill him a little speedpainting dedicated to him was a moral obligation<3

m Tiefling Fighter Plate midlvl Dragon Age: the Arishok by Jael-Kolken