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Pulp Fiction Etc.

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Anti-gravity cars on a "magnetic" highway (two tier maglev)

Anti-gravity cars on a "magnetic" highway (two tier maglev)

Art,fashion,design,technology etc from the atomic space age


Retro futuro japones

Dark Roasted Blend: Glorious Retrofuture from Japan

le nuage en pantalon: juin 2010

retro-futuristic, future vehicle, futuristic car, It's Why aren't we driving flying cars or cool bullet cars like this vintage prediction?

Do you think that people today would want to ride a "passenger missile?"

atomic-flash: Magnetic Passenger Missile - Frank Tinsley cover art featured on SCIENCE and MECHANICS magazine, June 1963 ”

Popular Science, June 1940 | by aldenjewell

A collection of vintage "space-age" illustrations!

Czech magazine cover 1960   Monorail / Future Travel / #RetroFuturism / Concept Train / Modern / Atomic Age / Space Age / Vintage / Illustration / Transportation

Věda a technika mládeži, Artist: František Škoda…


When do they start production on rocket cars?) YONESAWA, Atom Jet racerbil, Japan, S) ( retro to car / space age / vintage space car / retro futurism / retro future )

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The Autocar, November The turbo-jet sports car of the year

A dirigible powered with a bicycle, as depicted in the drawing above and as shown on the cover of the magazine this month, is under process of construction by Ray Fraser, of Brattleboro, Vermont. Description from I searched for this on

Popular Science (PopSci) is an American monthly magazine carrying popular science content, that is, articles for the general reader on science and technology subjects.

23 Amazing Soviet Visions For The Future of Transportation

The Retro Future is Here: Houses Beyond the Year 2000 | WebUrbanist

The future is here! Unfortunately, I have no hovercar, and robots are still lumbering jokes. Here are some entertainingly outdated visions of the future:

Bohn advertisement, illustration: Arthur Radebaugh

Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corporation, Illustrator Arthur Radebaugh

This week on The CultCast: why 2015 was one of Apple's best (and worst!) years ever; what Apple needs to improve in 2016; future tech that could change the

The CultCast: Apple's 2015, exciting future tech and Star Wars

I love a good retrofuturistic design. For those that don’t know, retrofuturism is a term used to describe our visions of the future as described in our past. The designs foresee a future that…

Anyone else a fan of retro-futurism? - Album on Imgur

Anyone else a fan of retro-futurism?

Painted 1959 by German futurist Klaus Bürgle for "Das Neue Universum". This and other paintings by Bürgle can be seen on www.