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Outer Planetary colony ship construction yard The Outer territories- Shipyard

Primordial ship design by Gutalin

In Damon Lindelof's PROMETHEUS draft the Primordial ship was intended to be the Derelict-Juggernaut ship from A L I E N. The scriptwriters commentary from the PROMETHEUS Blu-ray set informs us that


Megapost: Arte futurista y naves espaciales (Parte I)

USR "Destroyer" - Fractured Space, Hans Palm on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/usr-destroyer-fractured-space

USR "Destroyer" - Fractured Space, Hans Palm on ArtStation at…

Neptune Crossing by AlanGutierrezArt

Alan Gutierrez - Cover art for Neptune Crossing: Volume One of the Chaos Chronicles by Jeffrey A.

"That's a lot of power... what's the purpose of your giant ray pointing.... at my planet..." From Behance "Pesquisa planeta"

what's the purpose of your giant ray pointing. at my planet." From Behance "Pesquisa planeta"