42 Visions For Tomorrow From The Golden Age of Futurism

Closer Than We Think Chicago Tribune post Arthur Radebaugh artist

Картинки по запросу retro futuristic rocket

A new monorail service in Houston, Texas, ready for its inaugural service.

science fiction, fantasy, space.

science fiction, fantasy, space.

We Were Supposed to be Living Under Glass Domes By Now

We Were Supposed to be Living Under Glass Domes By Now

Apparently the Upper Midwest is about to get snow. Too bad Americans don't have this domed house from 1958 to shield them from the unofficial start of winter!

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"Retro-futurism in French Children’s Encyclopedias, 1945-1975" j'ai lue ce livre, j'aimerais le retrouver

elevators of the future city Retro-futurism in French Children’s Encyclopedias, - Retronaut

"I Have Seen The Future" pin given out at General Motors Futurama Exhibit, Norman Bel Geddes, 1940.

thepenguinpress: From the General Motors Futurama Exhibit, Featured in the Harry Ransom Center’s upcoming “I Have Seen the Future: Norman Bel Geddes Designs America” exhibit.

cyberneticzoo.com » Blog Archive » 1961-2 – Cornell Aeronautical Labs Man-Amplifier – Neil Mizen (American)

In Cornell Aeronautical Labs envisioned a powered exoskeleton which was called a "Man-Amplifier".

Anti-gravity cars on a "magnetic" highway (two tier maglev)

Anti-gravity cars on a "magnetic" highway (two tier maglev)