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A UK court recently ordered the forced sterilisation a 36-year-old intellectually impaired woman. The woman’s six children had previously been taken from her and placed into foster care amidst allegations of neglect and abuse. There have been numerous other situations where parents have indicated to a desire to get their own children sterilised. Our latest Blog post has more.

If someone has an intellectual disability, would it ever be justifiable to order their sterilisation? Find out here what the law says about this moral dilemma.

Premier Mike Baird proved to be triumphant over the weekend, with the NSW Liberal Party winning the state election by a comfortable margin. If Baird is true to his word, this means more funding for police in NSW and an extra 310 officers on the force. But while more police has been equated to less crime, studies in Australia and abroad have found that this is not generally the case. Our latest blog has more.

It is a common assumption that all that is needed to lower crime rates is more police on the streets. Is this really the case, or is it a myth?

This fascinating experiment explored the power of authority over human conscience.

Milgram revizuit - nu suntem toţi psihopaţi, thank you very much!

A report by Michael Byrne QC has criticised police for targeting biker groups rather than investigating child sex crimes and fraud.

A new report presented to the Queensland Premier indicates that the state’s focus on dismantling motorcycle groups has allowed other crime to flourish.

I have won the battle against Telstra for my metadata.

The RSPCA, councils and other law-enforcement agencies can obtain reporter Ben Grubb's internet and phone metadata but Telstra won't release it to him.

The prisons watchdog says a decision to return 12 life-sentence prisoners to maximum security was pandering to "populism" with calls for tougher sanctions on prisoners "almost a blood sport".

The prisons watchdog says a decision to return 12 life-sentence prisoners to maximum security was pandering to "populism" with calls for tougher .

The Stanford Prison Experiment is a fascinating study which had to be ended after just 6 days because many of the participants became sadists.

How People in Authority Become Abusers

To succeed in the job search, consider thinking like a marketer.

Looking for a job? Ditch the resume tips and open a marketing book

What are your thoughts about pregnant Billie Jo Wilkie on SBS’s “Struggle Street” taking drugs while pregnant? Read our latest blog to learn about the law in the area, and who the current approach to crime is really benefiting.

Sydney mayor who stood up for Struggle Street residents 'shocked' by pot .


By Peace Quarters According to two leading scientists the human brain is in fact a biological computer and the consciousness of humans is a program run by the q

The NSW parliament has enacted laws which validate ICAC’s past decisions, but a mining magnate is questioning the validity of that legislation in the High Court. Our latest blog explains.

Corrupt Travers Duncan is asking the High Court to strike down laws validating ICAC findings. He's not contesting that he is corrupt; he's contesting NSW Parliment and ICAC rights.

Should the Immigration Minister have the power to automatically revoke the Australian citizenship of anyone he suspects of terrorism? Or should suspects have the right to argue their cases in court? Our latest blog discusses the ‘Allegiance to Australia Bill’ which was introduced into Parliament today.

Citizenship could be stripped for damaging commonwealth property Law expert George Williams says government has ‘cast the net far too wide’ and new laws go ‘far further than involvement with Islamic State or acts of terrorism’