Heian Jingu Shrine Gardens

The Heian Jingu Shrine built in was planned to be a replica of the Chodo-in, the Hall of State originally located on the land of the Heian Imperial Palace,

The KOI pond, with very, very large koi fish.(bh)

Small Water Feature & Garden Pond – Start An Easy Backyard Garden Decor Project - HoliCoffee

Korakuen Enyotei garden, Okayama, Japan

Korakuen Enyotei garden, Okayama, Japan a pen pal from here as a child & I have always wanted to visit. I eventually will!

Finding peace within through nature - Zen garden

Top Midwest Arboretums and Botanical Gardens

Chicago Botanic Garden’s Japanese Island Garden, Chicago, IL I love the peace and tranquility of this garden.